All Our Videos On One Page. 

Some are promo videos.  Some are whole acts.  Some are from audience fans. 

AIR PLAY: Main Trailer. 1:45.
Filmed at Melbourne State Theatre and Cleveland’s Playhouse Square.

AIR PLAY: Short Trailer. 1:45.

Bangkok Street Festival: 1.5 minutes.
Filmed in Thailand

Madame & Monsieur:: 30 Seconds
Filmed at Big Apple Circus

Comic Dance: 3 minutes 
Filmed at Big Apple Circus 2013


AIR PLAY: Short doc from Theatro Circo, Braga, Portugal.

Main Promo: 2:15

Filmed at World Busker Festival (Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND), Dumbo Arts Festival, (New York City, USA), AEMI Clown Festival, (Hangzhou, CHINA), Bangkok Street Show (Bangkok, THAILAND), Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Ashland, OREGON).

Dumbo Arts Festival
Filmed in New York City from the Brooklyn Bridge

Pool Noodle Sword Fight: 4 minutes
Madame duels with Monsieur's volunteer, and Monsieur loses his head. Performed by Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone at the Big Apple Circus.

Mini - Monsieur: 4 minutes
Monsieur tricks Madame with a young volunteer.
Performed by Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone at Big Apple Circus.