Madame and Monsieur


All photography courtesy of Florence Montmare


The characters Madame and Monsieur are excellent and very funny circus clowns with three unique acts that fit easily into a circus or variety show.  Featuring a bouncing butt, a pool noodle sword fight, and a flying head, Madame and Monsieur create big laughs in every country they visit. 

The characters are historically based on actual 19th-century clowns painted by Toulouse-Lautrec.  The Acrobuffos are the only clowns world-wide using half-masks instead of make-up.

*Recently seen performing at BIG APPLE CIRCUS.




Short Trailer: 30 seconds

Full act: 3 minutes
Madame and Monsieur (Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone) dance like boxers in this slapstick circus act.

Full Act: 5 minutes
Monsieur tricks Madame with a young volunteer. Performed by Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone at Big Apple Circus.

Partial Act: 3 minutes
Madame duels with Monsieur's volunteer, and Monsieur loses his head. Performed by Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone at the Big Apple Circus.