ACROBUFFOS ARE SETH BLOOM AND CHRISTINA GELSONE.  They have performed in over 20 countries, competed in international circus festivals, juggled on Letterman, starred on the Big Apple Circus, and were featured in The New York Times. They live in Harlem, New York City.



--September 20, 2016--

* Our new show Air Play took off this year. Canada, Chile, USA and a great run at the Royal Festival Hall in London England.  We're gearing up for a big tour in 2017-2018. Meanwhile off to China and Sudan for Waterbombs shows and great eating!

Upcoming Tour

*Aug 9-14: Air Play  London, UK
*Sept 28-29: Waterbombs  Shanghai CHINA
*Oct 1-6:  Waterbombs  Xiamen CHINA
*Oct 12-16: Waterbombs Khartoum SUDAN    

*Jan 18-22: Air Play  Melbourne AUSTRALIA
*Feb 23-Mar 5 Waterbombs   PUERTO RICO
*Mar 10-11: Air Play  Chicago USA
 (more dates coming)   

see whole tour...

"...hardly your average clowns"

- new york times