"...hardly your average clowns..."
-The New York Times


**** (Four Stars)  “‘Fun for all ages’ is a common puff in the arts, but with Air Play it’s strictly true.  From the minute the curtain goes up on this buoyant fusion of wordless clowning and aerial spectacle, you feel as if you’ve stepped into an enchanted world somewhere between childhood and what comes afterwards, where normal rules (gravity included) have been temporarily held at bay. … A joy from start to finish, Air Play will entrance children, and will act as a great reset button for stressed adults.” 
—Sydney Morning Herald

Air Play holds the whole audience in the palm of its outstretched hand. A winning combination of visually stunning sculptures and cheeky but heartfelt storytelling that keeps both adults and children enthralled.”
–British Theatre Guide

“You feel you’re witnessing divine natural occurrences rather than carefully devised circus stunts.”
–Hartford Courant

“The curtains open and we see a man holding on to a huge piece of light fabric, dancing in the air, moved by a circle of fans. The wonder begins and I suddenly feel like a child again, receptive to every single magical momentin Air Play.” 
 - A Younger Theatre


"The act requires enthusiastic audience participation as two people from the crowd don bin bags and spiky helmets to have a water- bomb fight set to opera music. Warm-hearted, wordless and lovely."
- The Press, NEW ZEALAND

"THE MOST HILARIOUS SHOW I'VE SEEN. Unpredictable, high level of energy and still touching. An incredible mix! Don't miss them if they come in your country."

"You guys were fantastic and we'd love to have you back ANY time. We're always on the lookout for different shows, and yours is definitely different....and funny as hell.

-Donna Hopper, Saulte Ste. Marie Buskerfest CANADA


"...they are the new stars of the circus's 35th season."
-New York Daily News

"Their humor totally revolutionizes your thinking of clowning."
-White Tops (circus fan magazine)

"The clowns were a big hit with the audience."
-DC Metro Theater Arts

"They come out in great costumes and wonderful masks and do a very funny act. The Acrobuffos are one hilarious couple to experience."
-Amsterdam News



"I really loved ur show!! I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee myself!! It was fabulous, you guys rocked! I only wished I could have seen it again! Keep up the great acts."
--Kareena, 'The crazy one who screamed her heart out during ur shows ;)' Dundas Buskerfest CANADA

"That was totally off the scale. I have never laughed so hard. You both are hilarious and very talented. My jaw hurts now."
-Emma, World Busker Festival, NEW ZEALAND