Places We've Performed




TOUR 2019

January 29 Chico, California, USA Laxson Auditorium AIR PLAY
February 5
Bellingham, WA, USA Mount Baker Theatre AIR PLAY
February 10
Yakima WA, USA Capitol Theatre AIR PLAY
March 2
St. Paul, MN, USA Ordway Center AIR PLAY
March 8
Fayetteville, AK, USA Walton Arts Center AIR PLAY
March 16
Omaha, NE, USA Orpheum Theater AIR PLAY
March 23
Houghton, MI, USA Michigan Tech University AIR PLAY
March 27
Eau Claire, WI, USA Pablo Center AIR PLAY
April 11
Portland, ME, USA Merril Auditorium AIR PLAY
May 3-4
Philadelphia, PA, USA Annenberg Center AIR PLAY
May 11
Princetown, NJ, USA McCarter Theater Center AIR PLAY
May 17-19
Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Byham Theater AIR PLAY
May 24-26
Stupavna, Slovakia. CirkulArt Festival WATERBOMBS
June 1
Bratislava, Slovakia. CirkulArt Festival WATERBOMBS
June 7-9
Ostrava, Czech Republic. Cirkulum Festival WATERBOMBS
June 14-16 Bucharest, Romania. Childhood Memories Fest WATERBOMBS
June 23
Segovia, Spain. Territorios Ja WATERBOMBS

July 12-17 Des Moines, IA, USA New Project Development
August 2-4
Burlington, VT, USA. Festival of Fools WATERBOMBS

October 8 -30. Tour of Belgium and Netherlands AIR PLAY (option)
November 18-30 China tour AIR PLAY (details to be announced)
December 1-6 China tour AIR PLAY (details to be announced)
December 17-23 Singapore AIR PLAY (details to be announced)

Preliminary Tour 2020

January Australia (option)
February 28 Purchase NY
March 14 – 16 Salt Lake City UT
March 18 Provo UT
March 23 – 24 Logan UT
April 3 Concord NH
April 14 – 15 Lincoln NE
April 17 – 18 Red Wing MN
April 28 Madison WI
May 3 Millersville PA
May 8 Auburn AL Gogue Center AIR PLAY

TOUR 2018

January 12-13 Oxford, UK Oxford Playhouse   AIR PLAY
January 19-20  Manchester, UK The Lowry  AIR PLAY
January 23-25 Huddersfield, UK Lawrence Batley Theatre AIR PLAY
January 29-31   Leeuwarden Netherlands De Harmonie AIR PLAY
February 15-17  Des Moines, IA, USA Des Moines Civic Center   AIR PLAY
February 21 Kalamazoo, MI USA Miller Auditorium  AIR PLAY
March 6-10 Nashville, TN, USA Tennessee Performing Arts Center AIR PLAY
March 20 UMASS Amherst USA AIR PLAY
March 24.  Weis Center  Lewisburg, PA USA AIR PLAY
March 30-31 New York, NY USA   New Victory Theater   AIR PLAY
April 1-15 New York, NY USA  New Victory Theater   AIR PLAY
April 20  Branchburg, NJ USA RVCC AIR PLAY
April 22  North Bethesda,  MD, USA Strathmore  AIR PLAY
April 27-28.  St. Joseph, MN, USA  Fine Arts Center at CSB/SJU  AIR PLAY
May 4 Dallas, TX, USA   AT&T Center AIR PLAY
June 10  Ann Arbor, MI USA Summer Fest AIR PLAY
June 15-16  Fayetteville, AR USA WATERBOMBS
June 26-30   Brisbane, Australia Out of the Box Festival AIR PLAY
July 1-8  Brisbane, Australia   Out of the Box Festival AIR PLAY
July 19-22  Hong Kong,  CHINA HK International Arts Carnival AIR PLAY
August 1-5   Wolfsburg, Germany Cirque Nouveau Festival WATERBOMBS
August 16-19  Port Credit, Canada Port Credit Buster Festival   WATERBOMBS
August 24-25  Waterloo, Canada  Busker Carnival WATERBOMBS
September 27-28 Dunedin, New Zealand. Arts Festival Dunedin WATERBOMBS
October 4-5 New Plymouth, New Zealand - TSB Showplace - AIR PLAY
October 9-10 Tauranga New Zealand. Baycourt Arts Center AIR PLAY
October 13-14 Auckland, New Zealand. Bruce Mason Theater AIR PLAY
November 1-18 China (Multi City Tour) AIR PLAY
November 28-30  Anchorage, AK, USA Atwood Concert Hall. AIR PLAY 
December 1
Anchorage, AK, USA Atwood Concert Hall AIR PLAY
December 20-31   Graz, Austria Cirque Noël AIR PLAY



Where We’ve Worked


Kabul / Herat /
Bamiyan and more
*Social Circus


Adelaide Fringe Street Festival 
Joondalup Street Festival
Fremantle Street Arts Festival
Melbourne State Theater
Out of the Box Festival, Brisbane


Cirque Noel, Graz
Pflasterspektakel, Linz
Ummi Gummi, Lienz


Visueel Festival
Lachfest Houthalen-Helchteren
De Gevleugelde Stad Ieper
ParkTheater Festival Lokeren
Straatheater Bokrijk


Halifax Busker Festival
Toronto Int. Circus Festival
Dundas International Buskerfest
Kingston Buskers Rendevous
Waterloo Buskers Carnival
Sault Ste. Marie Buskerfest
Edmonton Fringe
Montreal IPAY Showcase
Lachine Street Festival
Port Credit Busker Festival
Toronto BuskerFest


Shanghai Grand Theatre
Wuhan Acrobatic Arts Festival
*Excellence Prize
Aemi Clown Festival Liuzhou
Aemi Clown Festival Hangzhou
Aemi Clown Festival Tiandu
KimTom Clown Fest, Shanghai
KimTom Festival, Hanguoshou
Aemi Balloon Festival, Xiamen


Sibenik Children's Festival


Cirkulum Festival


*Social Circus


Royal Festival Hall, London
Brighton Dome
Oxford Playhouse
The Lowry, Manchester
Lawrence Batley Theater, Huddersfield


Kleines Festival, Hannover
Kleines Festival, Bad Pyrmont
Kleines Festival, Ludwigslust
Kleines Festival, Leer
Kleines Festival, Clemenswerth
Kleines Festival, Marienberg
Duckstein Festival, Lubeck
Paderborn Arts Fair
Gaukler Fest Koblenz
OpenFLAIR, Bochum
Cirque Nouveau Festival


Hong Kong Int. Arts Carnival


Artisti in Piazza
Sarnico Buskerfest
Ardesio Buskerfest
Verega Street Festival


Buskerfest Skopje


Limburg Festival
Kunsten op Straat, Raalte
Kunsten op Straat, Ootmarsum
Ovezande Straatfestival
Waterbei Straatfest
Festival Spoffin
Woerden Straatfestival
De Harmonie, Leeuwarden


World Busker Festival
Southlands Busker Festival
Arts Festival Dunedin
TSB Showplace, New Plymouth
Baycourt Arts Center, Tauranga
Bruce Mason Theater, Auckland


Teatro Circo, Braga
Passodarte Festival, Crato


Puerto Rico Circus Festival


Sibiu International Festival


Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006/2007/2008


CirkulArt Festival, Stupavna
CirkulArt Festival, Bratislava


World Expo-Yeosu
Chuncheon Mime Festival 
Incheon Clown/Mime Festival


Lekeitio Festival (Basque)


Thun Buskerfest


Bangkok Street Show Fest
Phuket Street Show Fest


Big Apple Circus
New Victory Theater, NYC
Dumbo Arts Festival, NYC
Kennedy Center, Washington, DC
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
CircusSundays, NYC
Festival of Arts & Ideas
Summer Stage, NYC
Sonoma County Fair
Playhouse Square, Cleveland
Strathmore, Maryland
EQT Children’s Theater Festival
Flint Hills Int. Children’s Festival,
Ann Arbor Summer Festival
FestivALL, West Virginia
Zoellner Arts Center, Pennsylvania
Hult Center, Oregon
Sunday Streets, Oregon
Morse PAC, Florida
Brooks Center, North Carolina
Hopkins Center, New Hampshire
Des Moines Civic Center
Miller Auditorium, Michigan
Tennessee PAC, Nashville
UMASS Amherst, Massachusetts
Weis Center, Pennsylvania
RVCC, New Jersey
Fine Arts Center at CSB/SJU
AT&T Center, Dallas
Walton Arts Center, Arkansas
Atwood Concert Hall, Alaska
Laxson Auditorium, California
Mount Baker Theater, Washington
Capitol Theater, Washington
Ordway Center, Minnesota
Orpheum Theater, Nebraska
Michigan Tech University, Michigan
Pablo Center, Wisconsin
Merril Auditorium, Maine
Annenberg Center, Philadelphia
McCarter Theater, New Jersey
Byham Theater, Pittsburgh


Tour History


TOUR 2017

January 18-22.  Air Play  Melbourne State Theater  Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
February 23-28. Waterbombs  Puerto Rico Circus Festival  PUERTO RICO
March 1-5. Waterbombs Puerto Rico Circus Festival  PUERTO RICO
June 2-4. Waterbombs  Dundas Busker Fest  Dundas, ON, CANADA
June 17. Air Play FestivALL  Charleston, WV, USA
June 24. Waterbombs  Woerden, NETHERLANDS.
July 15-16. Air Play Zoellner Arts Center Bethlehem, PA, USA
July 26. Waterbombs  OSF Green Show, Ashland, OR, USA
July 27. Waterbombs  Hult Center, Eugene, OR, USA
July 28. Waterbombs  OSF Green Show, Ashland, OR, USA
July 30. Waterbombs  Sunday Streets, Eugene, OR, USA
August 3-13.  Waterbombs Sonoma County Fair, Santa Rosa, CA, USA
August 24-25Waterbombs Lachine Street Festival, Montreal, CANADA
September 9-10.  Waterbombs  Double Bubble Run  Frederick MD, USA
October 4. Air Play  Morse PAC The Villages FL, USA
October 10.  Air Play  Brooks Center Clemson NC, USA
October 26-31. Air Play  CHINA (MULTI CITY TOUR)
November 1-24. Air Play  CHINA (MULTI CITY TOUR)
December 1-2. Air Play  Hopkins Center  Hannover, NH USA
December 11-17. Air Play  Teatro Circo, Braga, PORTUGAL (option)
December 19-27.  Air Play  Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK


TOUR 2016

January 25-31.  Air Play   IPAY Showcase  Montreal, CANADA
April 23-24.  Air Play  Teatro Del Lago  Frutillar, CHILE
May 6.   Air Play  Strathmore  Bethesda MD  USA
May 12-15. Air Play  EQT Children's Theater Festival, Pittsburgh, PA USA
May 31.  Air Play  Flint Hills International Children's Festival, St. Paul, MN USA
June 1-5.  Air Play  Flint Hills International Children's FestivalSt. Paul, MN USA
June 21-25.  Air Play  International Festival of Arts and Ideas,  New Haven, CT  USA
June 28-29. Waterbombs Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Ann Arbor, MI  USA
July 7-8.  Rocky (new work) City Parks,  New York NY  USA
July 9.   Waterbombs  City Parks,  New York, NY  USA
July 11-12.  Rocky (new work)  City Parks,  New York, NY USA
August 9-14. Air Play Southbank CentreLondon UK
August 17-20 Waterbombs Passodarte Festival, Crato, Portugal
September 28-29. Waterbombs Shanghai China
October  1-6.  Waterbombs  Xiamen CHINA


TOUR 2015

March 6-9    Adelaide Fringe Street FestivalAdelaide, AUSTRALIA   * waterbombs
March 28-29  Joondalup Street Festival  Perth, AUSTRALIA   * waterbombs 
April 4-6   Freemantle Street Arts Festival  Perth AUSTRALIA   * waterbombs
May 23-31 Chuncheon Mime Festival, SOUTH KOREA  *waterbombs
June 18-19   Sibiu International Festival,  Sibiu ROMANIA *waterbombs
June 24-25 Verega Street Festival,   Montegranaro, ITALY * waterbombs

July 5-30 Kleines Fest  Hannover, GERMANY         * waterbombs
August 1 Bad Pyrmont Festival, Bad Pyrmont, GERMANY* waterbombs

August 6-20 Rehearse AIR PLAY at Zoellner Arts Center
September 20-30. China Festival
October 1-10 China Balloon Festival Xiamen CHINA
October 19-15 Rehearse AIR PLAY Playhouse Square. 
October 27-31  AIR PLAY Playhouse Square.  Cleveland, Ohio USA      

November AIR PLAY Playhouse Square.  Cleveland, Ohio USA    


TOUR 2014

June 6-9  
Dundas Busker Festival   Dundas, CANADA   * waterbombs
June 17-24 Rehearse Air Play Playhouse Square in Cleveland
June 27-28.  Arts and Ideas      New Haven, USA                 * waterbombs
July 6      Summer Stage           New York, USA                    * waterbombs
July 9-13.  
Kingston Buskers      Kingston, CANADA            * waterbombs
July 17&19.  Oregon Shakespeare Fest              USA            * waterbombs
July 24-31. Sonoma County Fair      California, USA             * waterbombs
August 1-10.   
Sonoma County Fair      California, USA             * waterbombs
August 14-24.
 Edmonton Fringe  Edmonton, CANADA           * waterbombs
August 28-31  
Festival Spoffin,  Amersfoort, NETHERLANDS   *waterbombs S9-13   September 8-13 Rehearsal and showing of Air Play at New Victory Theater   


TOUR 2013

featured clowns on BIG APPLE CIRCUS *madame and monsieur

August 1-6  
Halifax Busker Festival Halifax CANADA *waterbombs
August 9-11
Sault Ste. Marie Busker Festival Sault Ste. Marie CANADA *waterbombs
August 23-24  Winschoten NETHERLANDS*waterbombs
September 13-14. 
Dumbo Arts Festival New York City USA *waterbombs


TOUR 2012

In New York City developing two new shows: "Ka-Bloom" and Cafe Goma.

April 27 University of Connecticut. Showing of CAFE GOMA
May 19-27  Chuncheon Mime Festival Chuncheon, S. KOREA*waterbombs
May 29-31  World Expo Yeosu, S. KOREA*waterbombs
June 1-25. World Expo Yeosu, S. KOREA*waterbombs
July 10-28. Kleines Fest Hannover, GERMANY *waterbombs

featured clowns on BIG APPLE CIRCUS *madame and monsieur


TOUR 2011

In New York City developing two new shows: "Ka-Bloom" and Cafe Goma.

May 20-22. Thun Buskerfest Thun, SWITZERLAND*waterbombs*madame and monsieur
May 28-30  Ardesio Buskerfest Ardesio, ITALY *waterbombs*madame and monsieur
June 5  Straatfestival Ovezande Ovezande, NETHERLANDS *waterbombs
June 12  KUNSTen op Straat Raalte, NETHERLANDS *waterbombs
June 13  KUNSTen op Straat Ootmarsum, NETHERLAND *waterbombs
June 18  Visueel Festival Brussels, BELGIUM *waterbombs
June 19  Zomerzondagen Rotterdam, HOLLAND*waterbombs
July 10  Lachfest Houthalen-Helchteren, BELGIUM *madame and monsieur
July 12-31  Kleines Fest Hannover, GERMANY *madame and monsieur
August 6  Kleines Fest Bad Pyrmont, GERMANY *waterbombs
August 12-13  Kleines Fest Ludwigslust, GERMANY *waterbombs
August 17-19  Limburg Festival Limburg, NETHERLANDS*waterbombs
August 20. Kleines Fest Leer, GERMANY *waterbombs
August 21  Limburg Festival Limburg, NETHERLANDS*waterbombs
August 27  Kleines Fest Clemensworth, GERMANY *waterbombs
August 28  "Best of" Kleinesfest Marienburg, GERMANY *waterbombs
September 5-7. Paderborn Arts Fair Paderborn, GERMANY madame and monsieur
September 10-11. STRAMU Wuerzburg, GERMANY *waterbombs
September 24-25. Dumbo Arts Festival New York City, USA *waterbombs

In New York City -- rehearsals for Cafe Goma and Ka-Bloom!


Tour 2010

JANUARY 21-31   World Busker FestivalChristchurch, NEW ZEALAND*waterbombs
FEBRUARY 5-7 Southland Buskers Festival Invercargill, NEW ZEALAND *waterbombs
MARCH 25-31.   Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for ChildrenKabul, AFGHANISTAN
Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children Kabul, AFGHANISTAN
Social Circus Project: Returning for the 7th year. Ongoing staff development and workshop

APRILl 18-30. Social Circus Project with Plan International Cairo, EGYPT
MAY. 1-10. 
Social Circus Project with Plan International Cairo, EGYPT

MAY 23. ParktheaterFestival Lokern, BELGIUM *madame and monsieur
MAY 24. Straattheater Bokrijk Bokrijk, BELGIUM*madame and monsieur

JUNE 4-13. BuskerFest Skopje Skopje, MACEDONIA*waterbombs
JUNE 16-20. 
Artisti in Piazza Pennabilli, ITALY *waterbombs
JUNE 24-31. 
BuskerFest Sibenik Sibenik, CROATIA*waterbombs

JULY 1-3. BuskerFest Sibenik Sibenik, CROATIA *waterbombs
JULY 9-10. 
Lekeitio FestivalLekeitio, SPAIN *waterbombs
JULY 16-25. 
Just for Laughs Montreal CANADA *waterbombs
JULY 31. 
Sarnico Busker Festival Sarnico, ITALY *waterbombs

AUGUST 1. Sarnico Busker FestivalSarnico ITALY *waterbombs
AUGUST 7-8. 
Gauckler Festival Koblenz Koblenz, GERMANY*waterbombs

SEPTEMBER 9-12. Incheon Clown Mime Festival Incheon, KOREA *madame & monsieur
Dumbo Arts Festival New York, USA*waterbombs

OCTOBER 29-31. Int. Acrobatic Art Festival of China Wuhan, CHINA *madame & monsieur

NOVEMBER 1-4. Int. Acrobatic Art Festival of China Wuhan, CHINA *madame & monsieur

DECEMBER 9-12. Bangkok Street Festival Bangkok, THAILAND *waterbombs
DECEMBER 16019 Phuket Street Festival. Phuket, THAILAND. waterbombs


We toured before this, starting in 2006, but who knows where…