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AIR PLAY: Main Trailer. 1:45.
Filmed at Melbourne State Theatre
and Cleveland’s Playhouse Square.


Main Promo: 2:15
Filmed in New Zealand, New York,
China, Thailand, & Oregon


AIR PLAY: Short Trailer. 30 seconds


Bangkok Street Festival: 1.5 minutes.
Filmed in Thailand


Comic Dance: 3 minutes 
Filmed at Big Apple Circus 2013


AIR PLAY: Short documentary 2:05
Theatro Circo
Braga, Portugal


Madame & Monsieur:: 30 Seconds
Filmed at Big Apple Circus


Dumbo Arts Festival
Filmed in New York City from the Brooklyn Bridge


Pool Noodle Sword Fight: 4 minutes
Madame duels with Monsieur's volunteer, and Monsieur loses his head. Performed by Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone at the Big Apple Circus.


Mini - Monsieur: 4 minutes
Monsieur tricks Madame with a young volunteer.
Performed by Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone at Big Apple Circus.